Which Bosch Motorsport ABS kit is right for you?

Which Bosch Motorsport ABS kit is right for you?

Which Bosch Motorsport ABS kit is right for you?

Bosch Motorsport have been at the forefront of ABS for years, the options available can be difficult to understand so we’ve outlined the differences here.

There are two main offerings from Bosch Motorsport for ABS, there is a ClubSport and a Standard kit. Both kits are designed for motorsport use and are adjustable to suit track conditions, use the guide below to work out which is best suited to your needs.


Both the kits come with a wiring harness, they are both made from the same materials, but the difference is that the ClubSport kit comes with a long general fitment harness, whereas the Standard kit is ordered with a custom harness based on measurements you provide. This makes the standard kit a neater installation on the majority of applications as the wiring is “made to measure”.


The ClubSport Kit uses motorsport specific programming to give you the best possible braking performance on track. It has adjustability to suit the specifics of vehicle weight and a few core measurements and the result is software that controls braking slip accurately for a range of conditions.
The Standard kit has a further development of software that allows for additional variables, along with programming that is better suited to vehicles that experience higher loads due to aerodynamic forces.


The ClubSport Kit is the entry level of Bosch Motorsport ABS product, the Standard Kit is priced higher.

We have years of experience working with Bosch Motorsport ABS fitted to modified production cars through to professional GT3 cars, and it’s our recommendation that the standard ClubSport level kit is perfectly placed for modified production vehicles. If you’re building a vehicle with a chassis built specifically for motorsport, you are going to be benefitting from the advanced software within the Standard kit which will help extract maximum performance.

If you’re looking for more help of advice on which Motorsport ABS kit is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out.