Why MoTeC is the solution for Lotus?

Why MoTeC is the solution for Lotus?

Developed Base Files for all models

We completed our first Lotus Exige kit in 2017 and have refined our base calibrations and firmware since to ensure that the kits are truly “turn key” for all models, including the Evora. There are over 130 of these kits out in the world and you can purchase in confidence that everything works.

We’ve installed kits into all specifications of Exige and Evora, including the different variants of TVS1900 supercharger upgrade.

Lotus DPM - Stability Control

When Lotus released the Series 3 Exige, it made a huge leap forward with the use of Bosch’s latest stability systems, these stability systems are used both for safety but also driver engagement. When you select the different drive modes the system changes how the stability system responds to driver inputs and grip levels to provide distinctly different experiences

Driving a Lotus Exige hard on track you can really feel the difference between the modes as the car dances with the level of grip available. It’s one of the party-tricks of the Lotus Exige!

Technically this is done by using the engine and brakes in harmony, when you turn into a tight left hand corner the car can apply left braking force to help pull the car into the turn, whilst simultaneously making requests of the engine to help drive the outside wheel around the turn [aided by the open differential the cars have fitted from stock]. These metered changes are happening in a subtle way that you barely notice but are happening regularly throughout a session on track.

Our MoTeC package has been developed with a core understanding of this system and has full integration with the factory Lotus DPM system. This means that your Lotus continues to drive as you expect it to, especially in wet and slippery conditions. We’ve developed our firmware using data provided by racing teams around the world in various forms of motorsport and the end result is a system that’s allowed teams to secure championship wins in circuit racing and tarmac rally events.

This only comes from the driver’s having complete confidence that the car will respond exactly as expected, just as a Lotus should!

Advanced Motorsport Traction Control

For those that prefer to drive their cars without the system intervention from the Lotus DPM you can of course turn this off, at which point we implement our advanced motorsport traction control.

This system is derived from decades of experience working in professional motorsport and is design to limit and maintain wheel slip for maximum performance. For cars that have installed an aftermarket LSD, this system is truly impressive in maximizing the grip available!

Another advantage of this system is that it also allows installation of a 10 position rotary switch, which allows adjustment to suit the driving conditions and also allows the system to be turned off for those that like donuts. The switch position is shown on the OEM instruments when it’s changed so you always know what position you’ve moved the switch to.

IPS Transmission Integration

We have a dedicated integration module for the Lotus IPS transmission with tuneable kickdown points and the option to install motorsport paddle switches rather than the OEM style.

Everything Works

In our opinion an ECU kit isn’t complete unless everything works, which is why all of the OEM features work with our kit.

All the buttons, all their backlight LEDs, all the things you don’t see… they all work. Not only do they all work, but with our kit you can retrofit some of these onto earlier cars.

  • Cruise Control
  • Exhaust Flap Control
  • Heated Seats
  • Heated Rear Screen
  • Gearbox Oil Temperature
  • Gearbox Oil Pump Control
  • Adjustable Traction Control Rotary Switch [Exige 430]
  • Adjustable Traction Control Up / Down Buttons [Evora 430]

The only area that we're aware of that requires refinement is the TPMS system on some models, this is something we are working on and will be a full fix available early in 2024.


With our ECU kit all of the channels from the Chassis and Engine are available to data log within the MoTeC ECU, these channels include everything you need to develop your driving skills and hone the performance of your Lotus.

These channels are easy to understand with common names such as “Wheel Wheel Front Left, Steering Angle and Coolant Temperature”. This data can be reviewed using MoTeC’s free to use i2 Standard software, which is classed as one of the best in industry and is very user friendly.

If you add the optional GPS-10 antenna to the kit, you also have the ability to generate GPS track maps to help you centre in on those tricky sections of track.

Our kits ship as standard with the MoTeC Level 2 Datalogging upgrade as standard, providing up to 200 channels of data, datalogged at up to 200hz. This provides datalogging that has proven successful on championship winning cars, through to helping owners develop their driving to get the most from their Lotus on track.

Full Tuning Flexibility

Basing our ECU upgrade around MoTeC’s powerful M150 ECU there is full flexibility of engine calibration items, with no areas hidden behind passwords.

The MoTeC ECU system is supported worldwide by a network of accredited dealers and we also offer full remote calibration services for those that want our expert involvement throughout.

In conclusion, at Calibrated Performance we’re enthusiasts that really care about the end result - our plug and play ECU upgrade for the Lotus Exige and Evora is fully developed and has no drawbacks. It comes with years of winning motorsport pedigree and is a great starting point on your journey to getting the most enjoyment from your Lotus driving experience.

Reach out today with any questions,

The CP Team