If you are looking for motorsport services delivered by professionals active in the field, look no further than Calibrated Performance. Our team of engineers have decades of combined experience in a range of categories from Formula Ford to current FIA GT3, we have the knowledge to help you succeed.


We have the knowledge to help you succeed

MoTeC Development Dealer located in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Freelance engine calibration worldwide. Our involvement with projects often starts during the design and build process, where we have the capabilities to offer complete electronic system design, with in-depth knowledge of the systems integration required in a modern racing car. We work closely with powertrain and chassis dynamics teams, with a modern wholistic approach to our design with the key goals of reliability, flexibility and operational simplicity.

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Trackside support is available for development, test and racing schedules, with experienced data and race engineers helping drivers and teams develop into championship winning packages. This support is not limited to circuit racing, with our team equally able to perform under the demands of a rally event.

Our motorsport services are available to manufacturers, teams and individuals alike. If you’re developing a chassis to compete or have an existing car you want to develop further, get in touch to have Calibrated Performance as part of your team.